It is our opinion that most massage and holistic treatments can greatly benefit those with health problems, however we must comply with our insurance company.

Please make us aware of any contra indications prior to your treatment.



Reflexology can be performed at any stage. Massage can be performed from the 2nd trimester.

Please advise us if you have had any problems during pregnancy, including bleeding, cramping, severe morning sickness, pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure etc.

Before we perform any holistic therapy during pregnancy a letter of consent from your midwife or General Practitioner must be presented to your therapist.

Facials, waxing, eye treatments, manicures and pedicures whilst safe, may include the use of essential oils. These can be removed in order to ensure your safety.


If you have been previously diagnosed with Cancer, even if you are in remission then you must obtain written permission from your General Practitioner or Consultant.

Unfortunately Cancer patients cannot receive treatment whilst they are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, unless a letter of consent is provided from your Consultant.


You must obtain written permission from GP before massage or reflexology treatments. If at any time you experience loss of sensation during a treatment please advise us immediately.


Please inform us of any allergies (particularly to nuts or shellfish) when booking your treatment.

You must obtain written permission from General Practitioner before massage or reflexology treatments if you have the following conditions:

Heart Conditions

Circulatory Disorders


High or Low Blood Pressure



Recent Surgery 

You cannot receive treatments if:

You have any of the following conditions:



Chicken Pox


Have suffered an injury or trauma within twenty-four hours

Hyper-sensitive skin

Severe widespread psoriasis

Eczema or Dermatitis

Any untreated severe medical problems

Are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

Clients who are taking Warfarin cannot have any form of massage or Reflexology.

If you have any of the following conditions, please notify us before treatment so that special care can be taken to avoid areas


Varicose veins

Wounds including cuts, grazes, burns etc

Open skin


Bites or Stings

Sun Burn

Localised swelling


Lumps or Bumps

Pustular Acne


Immediately following a heavy meal

Diarrhoea or Constipation


Please contact us by email, phone or speak to a member of staff at the spa if you need any clarification. We can email a letter for you to submit to your GP asking for consent if required.

If you do not inform us of any special requirements at the point of booking we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully accommodate you on your visit. If any treatment is deemed unsuitable we will recommend an alternative where possible.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any of these conditions, if you choose not to, it is at your own risk.