Plasma Elite 

This is a new era of skin tightening 

The Plasma Elite is a leading non-invasive Plasma Pen used to lift and tighten loose skin and other problem areas, and the results last a lot longer than other tightening treatments.

The Plasma Elite hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash by ionising the gases in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc from the probe to the skin in a micro-millimeter sized point.  

The plasma produces an energy which vaporizes in the immediate vicinity of the skin causing the tissue to contract.

Plasma is formed by the ionisation of atmospheric gases to stimulate contraction and shorten the tissue fibers reducing the skins surface 

Areas for treatment 

Upper eyelids - £400

Lower lids - £300

Both upper and lower lids - £600

Brow lift - £250

Crows feet - £250

Frown lines - £250 

Forehead - £650

Lip lines (upper and lower lip) - £250

Lip line resurfacing - £600

Naso-labial lines - £250

Areas for treatment

Mid face lift - £600-£800

Crepy nexk - £600 upwards 

Jawline - £600

Abdomen - £800 - £1200

Hands - £750

Skin tag removal - £75

Milia removal - £75

Flattening of moles - £75