Chemical Peels 

Reveal fresh new skin and target, scarring, wrinkles and pigmentation

Please ask for advice as to the type of peel which is best for your skin 

3-6 treatments are recommended to see the best results 

Anti - ageing Magic Champagne

£60, for a course of 5 - £240

Magic Champagne contains active ingredients which provide an intensive, anti-aging treatment with an immediate effect. They stimulate the organism defense mechanisms to combat effectively the factors that accelerate skin aging.

At the same time, it provides exfoliating properties that provide deep skin cleansing, removing any dead cells and closed pores. It reduces dramatically the appearance of redness, sun spots and acne marks.

During the treatment sessions the skin becomes visibly younger, smooth and uniform. Wrinkles and fine lines fade, reducing skin imperfections. The result is a rejuvenated, glowing skin.


Pigmentation changes

Expression lines and wrinkles

Increases blood circulation

Reduces the pore

Glycolic Peel

£70, for a course of 3 - £195

It is indicated for expression wrinkles, photo-aging, cutaneous spots, acne and scars. The active ingredients of the glycolic acid remove the dead cells from the skin surface, stimulating cellular renewal. It leaves the skin with a young, smooth and uniform appearance.


Acne scars

Deep wrinkles

Photo – aging

Lactic Peel

£60, for a course of 3 - £160

It is indicated for dry skin, skin flaccidity and whitening, skin lacking luminosity, photo-aging and wrinkles. The active ingredients of the lactic acid have a moisturizing effect on the skin, attracting the water molecules in the skin to the surface and stimulating ceramide synthesis.


Skin Dryness



Skin Lightening

Skin Flaccidity

Salicylic Peel

£60, for a course of 5 - £240

It is indicated for oily skin, prone to acne, blocked follicles and reduction of wrinkles. The active ingredients of the salicylic acid improve the look of blemished and aged skin. With exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and anti-aging properties, it accelerates the removal of dead cells and renews the skin, resulting in visible skin rejuvenation.


Acne-prone skin

Very Oily Skin

Blocked Follicles

Salicylic Resurface 

£50, for a course of 5 - £200

Salicylic, a beta hydroxyl acid, is the most used keratolytic agent which enhances the epidermis and renews the skin. It improves the look of pro-acneic skins, clears spots, revitalizes and gives a glow to aged skin.